Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Calling All Volunteers

So I've just been looking at the Equitana website and remember the fun a friend had as a volunteer a couple of years back. And through being a volunteer and getting a pass and therefore access to the likes of vet Ian Bidstrup, Andrew and Bettina Hoy, saddler Peter Horobin, Linda and Pat Parelli, Sandi and David Simons and many more, who wouldn't want to be involved?

Equitana is run over the 15 - 18th of November 2007 at the EQUITANA Precinct, Melbourne Showgrounds, Victoria, Australia. If you're horse obsessed, and have that weekend free, consider checking it out! Better yet, volunteer and get yourself in amongst some of the best in the industry! Probably wouldn't look too bad on the resume, either ;)

The site is and while you're there, do yourself a favour and check out the photo competition!

"An exhibitor went up to a horse show judge to complain about being placed below someone who made some sort of mistake, such as being on the wrong lead. The judge's explanation:'the other guy did it better wrong than you did it right.'"

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