Saturday, February 24, 2007

Flying Horses

Finally found my information relating to flying with horses! As someone who is eager to travel often, it was pointed out that sometimes it's possible to find your way to your desired country while fulfilling the requirements for another job.

Example: Wanting to work in England for the Thoroughbred Breeding Season. Why not fly over with stallions that are shuttling from Australia's just finished season to England for the upcoming season? There can definitely be benefits from working in an industry that follows seasons and is prevalent in both hemispheres.

Although I haven't done this, I was curious to find out what might be involved in being qualified to travel via air with equines.

Two main sites of interest for this may be the Animal Transportation Associate and International Racehorse Transport. AATA actually has information regarding being accepted as an AATA Animal Attendant. Check out

My only dilemma in regards to this criteria is you must have proof of having previously flown with horses in order to be able to do so. Seem a catch 22? So if anyone could inform of other transport places where you are able to gain this experience, I'd be interested to hear! The only other possibility I can think of is being a stallion handler or groom for a particular racehorse that is being flown somewhere and due to being that horse's particular handler, you may have access to fly with them and hereby gain experience in this area.

Take a look at: - International Racehorse Transport - Animal Transportation Association

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Writing About Your Passion

My mum sent me a link to a website that was looking for writers who could provide pieces based on farm/ranch life. As someone who has spent the most of her short working life on a stud farm and loves to write, this seemed very appealing. The site I visited was - a Christian website aimed at sharing "stories of life on the farm or ranch… Stories that make us long for moments away from the hamster wheel that most of us feel like we're on."

So after reading at the bottom of their page what they were looking for and reading over a few pieces from the recent online publication, I decided to e-mail a story based on a night of foal watch at work to see if it was the sort of works they might be looking for. I was rapt when I received a prompt reply telling me the piece would be used in the next publication. So this and another I have sent along to be used on their site. The next edition where my pieces will be shown will be up from March. Currently there are pieces for the Jan/Feb edition. Either way, check it out!

If you are passionate about horses and looking to share your experiences or knowledge and love writing, I encourage you to also explore this avenue of "horse work". Not everything horse related has to be done in the saddle!

Look for online magazines relating to your particular passion with horses or magazines that are interested in freelance writing and find out their regulations before sending off some examples. Another possible foot in the door could be Letters to the Editor.

Some links to check out: - Freelance Info; taking in writings or photos
The Appaloosa Journal Online
American Horse Publications -

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Monday, February 12, 2007


Ok... perhaps a corny title, but just stumbled across a camp of sorts in Hawaii that totally appeals! Was actually searching for employment in the area of flying with horses, but the terms "employment" and "horse" seem to be the main two in the results.

I always wanted to go to Hawaii and learn to surf - yeah, I could do so in Australia, but love the excuse of being able to travel and try something new in a totally new place. Might still have to have that plan on the cards, but I've suddenly found something even more appealing!

Check out This is a place that trains "working cow horses, rope, cutting horses and polo ponies" and offers clinics and the most appealing for me - a Horsemanship Camp. Offered over 14, 30, 60 and 90 day terms, it includes airport transfer, room, utilities/laundry, rodeo and competition attendance, cattle work, meeting tourists from around the world, one day of sightseeing per week.

Always dreamed of trying out the joy that is a Quarter Horse or already addicted but want to learn some new skills/improve old? Oh, and ever dreamt of visiting Hawaii? Perhaps this is worth some thought...

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