Saturday, September 30, 2006

Money, Money, Money

Sometimes, I hate the horse industry...

We've had a few ups and downs at work as is commonly the joys of the breeding season with horses, and every year through talk with friends, it becomes more apparent that people are in this 'game' because they have enough money to own a horse or two. Pity that it's seen as a hobby, sport or financial game rather than an animal's life and they don't have enough money to continue it's life if it's not considered worth it.

There always seems to be an incidence where something has happened to a horse, affecting it's ability to race and although it is healthy enough to live (after an operation and thousands of dollars later); the situation is assessed, the animal isn't 'worth' the amount of money it costs to operate and consequently, it is put down. Some 'game' that is!

Ideal world for this not to happen - I know; but when I have my own property, I can't wait to each year invest in an animal that would be in such a condition that due to money, it runs the risk of losing it's life. It'll be amazing to teach children the value of someone's life and have them help treat, feed and nurse the said horse back to health and more ideally, into a future riding pony. Oh for the funds, time and experience to do so now!

Got the funds? Consider:

"All I need to know in life, I learnt from my horse: Follow the herd, that way you can't be singled out to take the blame."

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Great to be Back!

Man it’s good to be back at work! Have been back two weeks now and boy did they fly by! Have gotten right back into the swing of things with foaling down mares, holding mares for covers and general feeding, stable duties and vet work.

Boss hired a new person while I was overseas who has been running the farm, handling weanlings and prepping yearlings and I’m now working alongside her for the breeding season. Total blessing – before I went overseas I started my Certificate III in Recreational Coaching and had been doing all the theory, but had no one to mark off my practical. Well, turns out my new co worker is qualified to mark off all my practical work, so I can gain another qualification while working and playing with my horse outside of work! Brilliant!

I’ve also been chatting with her about wanting to learn about artificial insemination and it was suggested to me to do a breeding season with trotters and then look into the short course offered at Glenormiston - courses/short.aspx. I believe it’s a six week course and suddenly sounds very appealing! Just gotta work out where to fit it all in! Am currently saving up for South Africa now that I’m back from Ireland and earning a decent wage again.

"All I need to know in life, I learnt from my horse: When in doubt, run far, far away."

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