Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Place to Vent Online - SIM/Roleplaying

...the 21st century way to excite kids about horses...

My childhood horse loves were Jinny, Silver Brumby and Saddle club - the books, not the shows - and I'm sure previous generations fell in love with equines through Black Beauty and National Velvet.

There are so many "places" online that now fuel a horse obsession in the form of simulation games and roleplaying. For many, this is an easy "fix" for the horse obsessed who are without a horse. On Horseland you can create, breed, train and show practically any breed of horse. Those successful in the game are filthy rich (since when was it so common to be handed $10,000 to start investing in horses and over a short time accumulate 10's or 100's of millions?) and have horses with a high number of "points" from wins or places in shows.

...and all I want is a lousy $3 Million and a half dozen of my own broodmares... and some hacks, and carriages... and, I'm getting carried away!

http://www.equination.net - Equination.net (aka "EQ") is an online virtual thoroughbred horse racing simulation game. In this game, each user (aka "stable") has the ability to manage every aspect of their horses, which includes: purchasing/selling; claiming; breeding; training; racing; and much more.
This exciting and free ongoing game is family-safe and enjoyed by people of every age group from all over the world. With plenty of instructions throughout the game and technical assistance just a click away, users don't even need any knowledge of horses or how horse racing works. (Though it is helpful) You can also play with either a basic account which is free, or a premium account, which you pay a certain amount each year and it gives you access to other goodies on the site, like the Race Viewer, where you can actually watch the races your horses run in.

http://www.equintium.com - Similar to Horseland.com. Buy, sell, breed and show horses.

http://www.howrse.com - Join us for free and play on Howrse, create your first horse or pony, choose his/her breed, coat, name and find out all his/her capacities. Look after him/her and make him/her the best. Then you will have the chance to become the best breeder!
Discover an entire world of horses in a fascinating game! You can also run an equestrian centre, but need to be at riding level 3, and you get that after 20 days of logging on.

Fancy "being" the horse? Consider roleplaying:

http://www.freewebs.com/lost-intentions - The Story:
Through the years, Lost Intentions has seen many come and go, leaving their prints within the ever growing book of legends. Sadly enough most of these have been forgotten for they hadn't been passed from generation to generation as they once were. But never fear...

Your Role
Come and make your own life with your own horse, either go and live your normal equine life or make a carrie that hates other stallion. Rebel against all stallions, and when they come in to make trouble you give them a peice of your mind! Lost Intentions is for all Levels and is currently rated PG-13, and is filled with friendly people. PS. there are lead spots open as well!

http://www.freewebs.com/odina - RPG by Sharyn that "needs members, once I finish it, and I hope it'll be really active. Set in the Australian High Country, age and breed have been abolished, as there will only be Brumby's here. And also, who can remember how old their horse is and such? I can't, so I've gotten rid of that. The only 'ages' we have are foal, young adult, and adult. All you have to do is remember what year your horse was born, if born in Odina. More stuff on the rules page."

*thanks to Sharyn for these links!

"Horse's comment on a car - '150 horsepower, big deal. I'd be impressed if it ran on hay.'"

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Anonymous Jumping Jockey said...


I was searching for a few good Horse Blogs over the net, and thankfully came across 'EQUUS'.

Since, this blog is in most ways dedicated to horses, thought of dropping in a line or two on the upcoming Derby here in the UK.

The Epsom Derby, which is considered to be one of the most prestigious flat thoroughbred horse races in the world is one of the most iconic events in the British sporting and social calendar. It will take place, this week, at the Epsom Downs Racecourse, Surry, England.

I've been covering the latest news and tips on the Derby at my website - www.jumpingjockey.com

For the 2006 Epsom Derby Video please visit http://www.jumpingjockey.blogspot.com


Blogger Cara Bradley said...

Hey Chris,
Stopped by to say hi! Hi! Got your email containing this web address AGES ago so thought I should check it out!! Looks like horse paradise! South Africa hey!?! That would have been incredible! YAY for you! Bye for now from California!


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