Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Equine Photography

When I think horse photos, the main name that comes to mind for me is Bob Langrish. Every year for the past decade or more I have been given a horse calendar as part of a Christmas present and every year, the photos have been by this photographer.

Have just stumbled across another who has some brilliant works - Robert Vavra.

*These pictures from the Robert Vavra site and copyright to him.

Horse Photography is another avenue that could be explored as a possible career relating to horses. I'm not aware of a particular course relating to learning how to specifically photograph horses; but am sure there are many animal or live subject courses focusing on photographing moving creatures.

If you're already taking shots, perhaps you haven't considered the possibility of having these published, and why not do so online? There are sites out there that take in people's photos and publish them in catalogs/books that are sold online. They can also be publicised on popular sites and possibly provide a payment for photos that are published.

One site I know of that publishes 'rural' photos and stories is Ridnersnreapers.com. Check it out.

Have you considered horse magazines; sending in pictures where appropriate or taking photos for people that are wanting to sell their horses? Visit horse events to practice and become known as a photographer. Events like competitions, races, rodeos, pony clubs, sale days.

If there is a passion there and you're proving to have some skill, pursue it! Bob Langrish "is a totally self-taught photographer". Who's to say you can't achieve the same?

"Horses leave hoofprints on your heart."

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Blogger JEANETTE said...

I like your photos

Blogger BarnGoddess said...

I have every Vavra book ever published, his work is amazing.

taking horse photos isnt as easy as it looks tho~

Blogger Chris said...

Indeed not! But how much more worthwhile is something that is difficult but you put your all into trying it out anyway?

I'll have to look into getting some Vavra books... loved the shots on his site.



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