Saturday, March 31, 2007

Qualifications Needed to Own a Horse Stud

So I don't believe there's any rule about this one... one of my bosses bought a stud after managing his own mechanic shop. Another grew up on the property and took over after his dad. I think anyone with the money or interest can manage this one; whether or not they have any pieces of paper to say they know a thing or two about horses.

Just thought I'd put a piece up here cause it's a topic or phrase that was searched upon and resulted in someone visiting this blog.

The above is exactly what I want to do with my life - own my own horse property and breed horses (plus lots of other things!). Currently I have three pieces of paper - all pretty much in the same area. Certificate II in Horse Studies (12 month course gained at 17 years of age); Diploma of Horse Studies (2 year course gained at 20 years of age) and a Certificate of Merit from the Irish National Stud (6 month course gained at 21 years of age).

I don't believe any of these are NEEDED to own or run a horse stud. However, I believe ALL have brought me to the stage where if I had the funds at this very moment, I'd happily consider myself capable of running a horse property; focusing on breeding.

If your desire is to run your own horse place; I encourage you to look into doing a course, expecially if you haven't been brought up with horses. It's an awesome way to get experience and a piece of paper; to gain friends in the industry for life and to learn of important contacts in that same industry.

There's no particular course that is the essential one to help you do so; but if you're considering studying, think about doing a course that is at least 12 months, moreso 2 years or more and is at least at Diploma level. These courses are generally 'management' courses; designed for people with this level of work in mind. Another thought - make sure it covers that which to wish to focus on; find something a little more specific rather than general if you have a specific goal in mind.

"Poverty is another word for owning a horse..."

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