Monday, March 05, 2007

Horse Networking

So I went along to a thoroughbred sale today as I had the day off and wanted to catch up with mates from TAFE. It's a great way to keep in touch with those in an industry that I aim to stay a part of, even when I take short breaks from it.

It's also a great way for someone to get their foot in the door in a particular industry. If you're frequenting events, you're getting your face known and hopefully getting to know others and how they are placed in the industry.

Horse sales can be a great way to get to know who provides a service, sells horses; who is looking to buy horses and race them; who provides transport for horses to and from sales, etc. If you're interested in getting into the Thoroughbred industry, keep on top of when sales are and attend some. So much in relation to employment in this industry is who you know, rather than what. That can be in your favour as long as who you know, is aware of your dedication to the industry.

So maybe Thoroughbreds aren't your scene, but if horses are, look into attending special events - Equitana, the Scone Horse Festival, horse shows or even rodeos if Quarter Horses are more your thing.

Another great way to get contact with horses and meet others who are obsessed and may also be in the industry, is to volunteer for certain horse related events or even sports such as Riding for the Disabled.

If you're interested in a certain horse field but don't know where to start, consider getting yourself known by attending social events relating to that field!

Horse Sales:
Magic Millions
William Inglis
Tattersalls Ireland
Doncaster Bloodstock Sales
Keeneland Sales

"You Know You're A Horse Person When... your mouth waters at the sight of a truck full of hay."

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