Friday, March 02, 2007

For Me

If you can't get something out of your own blog, what is the world coming to? So I have a huge obsession with books - namely, horse books. Surprised? I know - of course not!

Currently I have around 70 horse books in my collection - this is discluding all my magazines and catalogues from horse sales. I have been telling myself for the past 18 months that I won't buy any more until I've read all the ones I've got, but it just ain't gonna happen! I love purchasing horse books. Once I've got my property established, one of my dreams is to have a library with books from all over, about anything horse related!

So I have a request for anyone who reads this post:
- Help me to grow this collection of books
- Help me to establish a library that contains fiction books for all ages; non fiction books on any and every discipline, health issues, nutrition, breeding or anything else horsey!

How? Easy, send me an email or reply to this post with the title and/or author of a book that you have or have read that you feel would be an asset in anyone's horse library. If you really enjoyed it/learnt a lot from it; chances are I will too!

The more information you can provide, the better - Title, Author, Subject, even a link to where I can purchase the book online if you'd like! I look forward to your suggestions :D

"You Know You're A Horse Person When... you consider a golf course as a waste of good pasture land."

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