Monday, February 12, 2007


Ok... perhaps a corny title, but just stumbled across a camp of sorts in Hawaii that totally appeals! Was actually searching for employment in the area of flying with horses, but the terms "employment" and "horse" seem to be the main two in the results.

I always wanted to go to Hawaii and learn to surf - yeah, I could do so in Australia, but love the excuse of being able to travel and try something new in a totally new place. Might still have to have that plan on the cards, but I've suddenly found something even more appealing!

Check out This is a place that trains "working cow horses, rope, cutting horses and polo ponies" and offers clinics and the most appealing for me - a Horsemanship Camp. Offered over 14, 30, 60 and 90 day terms, it includes airport transfer, room, utilities/laundry, rodeo and competition attendance, cattle work, meeting tourists from around the world, one day of sightseeing per week.

Always dreamed of trying out the joy that is a Quarter Horse or already addicted but want to learn some new skills/improve old? Oh, and ever dreamt of visiting Hawaii? Perhaps this is worth some thought...

"You'll never know how much you love to be on a horse... until you fall off!"

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Blogger Rising Rainbow said...

Cow horses in Hawaii, who'da thunk?


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