Monday, January 08, 2007

Small Mercies

It seems funny to me that making someone even more unsure than me feel comfortable feels better than focusing on someone with so much more experience who is giving me information.

Started a new job today and things seemed to go pretty well and although I wasn't in my comfort zone, it was easy to spot that I wasn't the only one and although not totally secure in my new job, it didn't take much effort to make another in the same situation feel more comfortable (and it made me feel better). Small mercy.

For those of you out there considering the whole instructing path, can I encourage you to have at least one place lined up where you are able to gain a lot of experience, over varied situations. (I'm to be working at two which I think will be interesting for contrast reasons and to help learn as much as possible for running my own place).

The best way to do this initially may be to save up a lot of money before focusing on gaining a new qualification especially if you will be doing so full time. Before starting your Level 1 and work at a public riding school, it may be necessary to spend around $500 to get yourself ready to start training as a Level 1. Take into account the cost of joining the Equestrian Federation, purchasing the paper work/theory for teaching; having a police check to ascertain you can work with children; getting your first aid up to date and possible uniform for the place you will be working.

Also, the pay may be low while in training so some funds set aside are always a smart idea. Being aware of and prepared to pay for these things will make the whole change seem less stressful.

"All I need to know in life, I learnt from my horse: If someone's constantly on your back, lie down and play dead, or run like heck."

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