Sunday, December 24, 2006

Rude Awakening

Know when you get told something and it's a given that it's for your own good, but you're not keen on hearing it anyway? Had one of those moments not too long ago.

So I've finished the breeding season with Thoroughbreds and with its end, have moved from work back to the parents place for the next five months or so with the view to get work in a riding school and achieve my Level 1 in instructing.

It was a given the horse work wasn't going to be a problem - I've worked with and studied them for the past four years.... and on the ground am happy, confident and capable. In the saddle, I'm happy on my own horse and any other that behaves... Anyone spot the problem I may have with becoming an instructor? Then again, they say if you can't do it, teach it.

My horse, Pride.
So my riding I thought may be the area I most needed to work on and it was pointed out in an interview not too long ago that this is definitely the case and perhaps at this point in time I'm biting off more than I can chew.

I've landed one part time job at a riding school where I will be doing my Level 1 and teaching youngsters the basics. I've also just had an interview at another school where I'd be expected to prepare horses for lessons, care for tack, pick up yards, feed, rug, etc. Will be good to be at two successful riding schools and doing varied jobs. However, the other part of the job was to be exercising 'willful' ponies. I was honestly informed that in the said person's opinion, I wouldn't be capable of doing so and would struggle to pass the riding component of my Level 1.

Insert massive kick in the guts. Still a bit disappointed about this realisation but it has been suggested to me that I am capable of carrying out the rest of the job, so perhaps I could do this, accept slightly lower pay than anticipated but in return have a couple of riding lessons a week to get myself up to scratch for my Level 1.

Sometimes, it's not nice to hear that you're moving faster than you should (and yet slower than you want toward your goal!) but it is worth it if you're made aware and are going to be helped to achieve your goals... even if it's at a slower rate than anticipated.

"All I need to know in life, I learnt from my horse: Leather and chains can make anyone look studly."

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