Sunday, April 23, 2006

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch

Currently, the most rewarding thing about horses is the fact that you will always learn about them.

It's impossible to know everything about them. I hope that in the future, the most rewarding thing for me will be teaching others all I have learnt and am learning about this gorgeous animal and nursing back to health neglected equines.

There are so many people that own and work with horses that have a terrible ignorance and it almost seems that we should have a license to be able to work with or own any animal. Some are so badly neglected, I'm always asking if the person that let them get in that state meant well, but just didn't know enough. It appears to be the same way with children at times, too.

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch is a property run by Kim Meeder and her husband Troy. The pair work together to influence abused and neglected children while at the same time nursing back to health horses in the same condition. Thanks to an ever alert mother, I was given a copy of Kim's book - Hope Rising and loved the stories between the pages.

What better cause can one give to than a child or animal's life being restored?

"Follow a horse where no one else can tread, through the minefield of pain that surrounds a broken child's soul." - Kim Meeder, Hope Rising.

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